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NOVOSIBIRSK, May 24-27, 2014, 

On the 24-27 of May 2014 there will be held THIRD INTERNATIONAL EUROPEAN – ASIAN CONGRESS for SYSTEMIC CONSTELLATIONS named “HEART OF SIBERIA” that will take place in the capital of Siberia the city of Novosibirsk. It is traditionally organized by INSTITUTE OF CONSULTING AND SYSTEMIC SOLUTIONS with the support of WIESLOCH INSTITUTE FOR SYSTEMIC SOLUTIONS (GERMANY) and PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOTHERAPYST LEAGUE.

In 2014 constellation in Russia turn 13. And issues of quality of constellation work, professionalism of constellator, implementation and integration of constellation in various fields of life, cooperation with other directions of psychotherapy and consulting are becoming more and more vivid.

50 leading world known constellators are invited to the Congress, listing:  Gunthard Weber (Germany), Jacob Robert Shneider (Germany), Marianne Franke-Gricksch (Germany), Wilfried De Philipp (Germany), Liza Biom (Germany), Bertold Ulzamer (Germany), Dan Van Kampenhaut (The Netherlands), Roland Schilling  (Germany), Freda Eidmann (Germany), Franz Ruppert (Germany), Dan Booth Kohen (USA), Mikhail Burnyashev (Russia), Andrey Vasiljev (Russia), Yana Yevseeva (Russia), Irina Ischenko (Ukraine) and others.

Main Topics: every day on a number of different floors there will be held in parallel workshops, reports, author master classes on major directions of systemic constellation (family, organizational, structure and symptom). And also on other  trends of systemic and integration therapy.

Key Content:

  • Spirit, soul, body, personal  development
  • A man and a woman, relationship in a couple
  • Parents and children
  • Health and diseases
  • Healing and wholeness
  • Profession and success
  • Success in organization and business
  • Reconciliation and peace
  • Constellation as a job

You will be very welcome to meet famous constellation masters as well as new comers, old friends and new acquaintances, you will experience insights and revealings that will lead you onto essentially new level of consciousness and life.

We are looking forward to seeing you! The Heart of Siberia is open for you!

Registration for the Congress is already open:



Moscow: +7 (925) 744-62-60,

 e-mail: rasstanovka@yandex.ru


Novosibirsk : +7-913-943-20-12, +7-923-133-12-03, (Yana Yevseeva, Congress organizer, ICSS Representative in Siberia)

e-mail: evseeva@order-love.ru